Things to Keep In Mind Prior to Hiring a Washing Machine

A washing machine is considered as one of the most valued appliances that people need in their life to carry daily washing chores. The appliance is sure to make your life much easier. The major concern associated with the buying of washing machine is that they are a bit expensive and their maintenance cost is bit high.

In this situation, the best option would be to hire washing machine since it costs way lesser than buying a new one. So if you are in quest of renting a washing machine, certain factors need to be taken into consideration.

The Functioning

You can opt for a fully automatic or semi-automatic washing machine rental to manage your washing related chores. A semi-automatic includes two tubs- one for washing and the other one for drying.  

So, in such semi-automatic unit, one has to take clothes from one to other whereas a fully automatic one rinses, washes and dries good number of clothes without any further hindrance. Well, what is worth mentioning is that the price of the rental varies, but you can choose a unit based on the effort you wish to put in.   

Load Type

Automatic washing machines are of two types. One is a Top Load, and the other one is Front Load. Although the owners mostly feel more comfortable and relaxed with the Top Load variant, the Front-load also offers a lot of additional features including superior wash quality. The good thing about top load washing machine is, it is easy to maintain and handle and cost little lesser. 


The washing machines are generally segregated in terms of weight. It is not just the weight of the washing machine; rather, it is the weight of the clothes being washed in single cycle. You can go on washing machine rental, considering the space you have. If you suffer from space crunch or if your laundry room can’t afford much room then it is imperative to opt for single top-loading model.

Well, if you have more space, consider a twin tub washing unit that enables drying of clothes.  Also, take into consideration the regularity in washing clothes and the number of clothes you wash in one go.

Other Features

With the advancement in technology, washing machines come in variety of features. One needs to keep updated about the features since lack of features in the unit will invite lesser price. Just like other appliances, the thumb rule remains same. The more the number of features, the higher is the cost.

The high-end washing units have different types of washing cycles for various fabric & colours. Hence, look out for the machines that offer custom features and adjustable speed to enhance the longevity of clothes.


Another most important thing to be considered is how much you wish to spend on a washing machine. Once you make up your mind about the buying process, it is important to set the budget. Remember, budget washing units are indifferent to your fabric needs. Also, make it a point to consider the maintenance and breakdown charges that you might face in future.  

Hence, if you are on a budget or cannot afford to buy the unit at once or worried about shifting when you move to places, then make sure you consider the above -mentioned things well in advance.

Things to Keep in Mind Before You Rent a Washing Machine

Washing machines are home appliances that you can use to wash laundry. In the long run, it is better to buy a washing machine, but sometimes renting one can be a better option. Let us suppose you need a machine for one-time use only. In that case, there’s no point of buying the product. In a situation like this renting a machine can be a much better option.

If you search carefully, then you will find plenty of second hand appliance rental specialists that allow their customers to rent or hire washing machine. You can visit any of them and rent the one you like. But before making your final renting decision check out here some of the most important things that you need to keep in mind in order to make a smart call.

Wash Settings

These days almost all the machines come with present wash programmes and water level options. According to your preference, you can customise and save your favourite settings. You can control the settings of the washer by using the touchpad or touchscreen. So before renting a machine, you should consider checking its wash settings.

hire washing machine

Spin Cycle

You also have to check the spin control of the machine. It will help you with drying. The spin cycle of a machine is measured by the revolutions per minute (rpm). Overall it is fair to conclude that higher the rpm, better it will dry your clothes. If you want to dry a delicate cloth, then you have to set the spin cycle at 300-500 rpm. On the other hand, if you’re going to dry a thicker item, such as jeans, then you should consider setting the spin cycle of the machine at 1,000 rpm.

Temperature Control

There are several companies that allow individuals to rent or hire washing machine. You can contact any of them and rent a machine you like. But before making your final call, you have to check the temperature control system of the machine. We always recommend individuals to pick such a machine which is composed of the in-built heater. It will help you to adjust the temperature of the water. If you are looking to rent a washing machine in winter, then this is the most important thing that you should consider before making your final decision.

Semi-automatic or Automatic

Washing machines can be categorised into two different types, semi-automatic and automatic. We always recommend individuals to opt for automated machines. It will help you to address your cleaning needs in a hassle-free way.

These are some of the most important factors that you need to consider before renting a washing machine. So this is all for now. Hope you have enjoyed reading it.